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Let KRP2 host your next event and celebrate in style! Each event is unique and priced accordingly.  To begin building your party package, please select one of the packages listed below.



Monday – Thursday $390.00
Friday – Sunday $490.00

Ages: 1 – 6 (8 guests – $10 per additional guest)
Ages: 7 – 16 (12 guests – $20 per additional guest)

 2 hrs. – additional time may be added based upon availability starting at $50 per 1/2 hour.

A Basic Theme Party package includes:

✓ Minimal of 2 Hostesses to provide the following:

  • Basic party decorations (NON-THEME) Party set-up
  • Party Clean-up
  • Hosting throughout your event

✓ Dance Floor with DJ
✓ Game Room Area w/Big Screen TV, Air Hockey Table, Board and Video Games
✓ Pizza (1 Cheese & 1 Pepperoni)
✓ French Fries and/or Tossed Salad
✓ Beverages (water and juice) continuously flowing throughout event
✓ Individually Wrapped Snacks (cookies, cheese crackers, fruit snacks, apple slices, etc.).

NOTE: Upon booking your event, please advise staff of any food allergies

✓ 12 Helium/Latex Balloons
✓ Parent Lounge Access which includes:

  • Refreshments (coffee, water, tea, etc)
  • Flat Screen TV
  • Closed-circuit television (CCTV) Parents Lounge to enjoy & watch your loved ones
  • Use of Massage Chair…Coming Soon
  • Parental networking

Monday – Thursday $490.00
Friday – Sunday $590.00

Ages: 1 – 6 (8 guests – $10 per additional guests)
Ages: 7 – 16 (12 guests – $20 per additional guests)

 2 hrs. – additional time may be added based upon availability starting $50 per 1/2 hour.

Spa/Lounge Package includes: Basic Party Package + (plus)

✓ Use of Pampering Area which includes:

  • Manicure & Pedicure like treatment
  • Feet and Hand Soak
  • Toenail and Fingernail Polish Painting
  • Use of KЯP2 Spa Robes

✓ Glam Squad Hosts – which includes:

  • Hair Styling: Braids, Ribbons and Bows Only
  • Glitter Tattoos
  • Face painting & Make-up

**Note all manicure, pedicure, make-up, face painting and hairstyling is for ENTERTAINMENT ONLY**

**Please remove ALL polish prior your event

**Please bring your own slippers. Spa slippers are available for purchase at additional cost.


Theme Party Packages are unique and vary in cost based on each individual needs. You can turn ANY PARTY into a THEME PARTY by identifying your theme and upgrading a basic party package to a Theme Package or by adding it to a Spa/Lounge package.

Theme package upgrades start as follows:

$100 – Ages 1 – 6 (8 guests)
$150 – ages 7 – 16 (12 guests)

Theme packages are available for adults and other parties as well. Please call our office to discuss pricing.


Concession treats include the following:

  • Popcorn Machine
  • Cotton Candy Machine
  • Face Painting
  • Photo Booth

Adding on concession treats to any package, can be done as a “fun package” which gives you unlimited concession treats throughout your party or you can add concession treats individually at a per person costs.

Fun Packages:

$50.00 – ages 1-6 (8 guests)
$75.00 – ages 6-12 (12 guests)
$100.00 – Ages 13-16 (12 guests)

Individual Concession Add-on:

$10.00 – ages 1-6 (8 guests)
$15.00 – ages 6-12 (12 guests)
$20.00 – ages 13-16 (12 guests)

KRP2 Additional Services

KRP2 is more than just parties!! Our space is the ideal location for ALL types of events and social gatherings. Call us to inquire about using our beautiful space for bridal and baby showers, corporate meetings, community events, etc.

KRP2 Playdates:
– $25 per child for first 2 hours
– $10 for each sibling
– $15 for each additional hour

Looking for a place to drop the kids off for a playdate? Look no further. Playdates can be scheduled, or you can stop, drop and play at KRP2 every weekend. Please be certain to call the office to confirm in advance. Registration is required.

  • 2 hour hosted play date
  • Dress up costumes
  • Face Painting
  • Storytime
  • Treats
  • Singing & dancing
  • Photobooth polaroid pictures to take home


Customized Music  Play List$20
Candy Bar w/treat bagsStarting  @ $50 for party of 12
Treat Bags w/out Candy Bar$3 per person
Gift Bags w/ Themed itemsStarting @ $10 for party of 12
Themed T-shirts$10 (per person)
Combo Gift Bag & T-Shirt$15 (per person)
KRP2 Photographer – by RCS Photography$300 up to 3 hrs. and $75 for each add’l hr.
Concession Stand Fun Package


Concession stand add-on includes: Popcorn Machine, Cotton Candy Machine&Face Painting.

Fun Packages:

$50.00 – ages 1-6 (min of 8 guests)


$75.00 – ages 6-12 (min of 12 guests)


$100.00 – Ages 13-16 (min of 12 guests)  

Concession Stand – PER PERSONIndividual Concession Add-on:

$10.00 – ages 1-6 (min of 8 guests)

$15.00 – ages 6-12 (min of 12 guests)

$20.00 – ages 13-16 (min of 12 guests)

Balloon Arch(s) Arch and Columns start at $50.  Please call the office to discuss pricing.
Food: Will KRP2 cater food via outside vendors?  If yes, please ask for menu(s) and advise accordinglyPlease call the office to see menus and to discuss pricing
Desserts (provided by Dairy Queen) – Traditional, specialized cakes, cookies, cupcakes, Ice cream Cake:  Will this be provided by KRP2Please call the office to see menus and to discuss pricing
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